You have selected Kassiou Constructions Pty Ltd as your builder. Congratulations!

This page will help you understand our process, and the journey we will take you on to complete your dream home!

Steps to completing your dream home.

Step 1 – Signing the contract and draft plans 
By now you would have received a quote and detailed schedule. These documents will form the basis of your contract. Once the contract is signed we move forward to finalising your plan and obtaining all required permits and approvals.

Step 2 - External colour selections
Yes, we need external colours right at the get go! These colours affect your energy rating and suburb approvals. 

External colour selections

Step 3 – Titles issued on land
Once titles have gone through council and planning and you have settled on the land we can then apply for your building permit. Once the building permit is obtained we will send you a copy of this document along with your deposit invoice. 

Step 4 – Construction begins
Just prior to or during the early stages of the construction process we will also request you make an appointment with our team to make your internal colour selections. This includes - tiles, paint, feature walls, stone benches and cabinetry. 

The construction process is broken down into the following six stages:

  1. ‘Base Stage’
    This is when your concrete slab is poured. At this stage, you will be required to connect water to your property. Our friendly team will send through a reminder with details and links for the application. 
  2. ‘Frame Stage’ 
    This means all wall and roof frames / trusses are installed. During this stage, you will meet with our electrician onsite to go over your electrical plan, we will also request that you apply to connect power to your property. 
  3. ‘Enclosed Stage’ or ‘lock up’
    External wall cladding, roof covering, structural floor is laid and external doors and windows are also fixed. 
  4. ‘Fixing Stage’
    Internal building linings, architraves, cornices, skirtings, internal doors, baths, showers, wet area tiles, built in shelves, cabinets and cupboards are fixed into position.
  5. ‘Practical Completion’
    Finishing off minor items throughout the home and completion of a final defects list. You are now looking at approximately 3 weeks to handover.
  6. ‘Final Stage’
    At this time, you will be issued your occupancy permit and final invoice. Once final invoice is paid we will schedule in a handover date! 

Important notes

  • Access to your site is not permitted without an appointment with one of our staff due to workplace safety.
  • Kassiou Constructions offers a 12-month maintenance warranty and 6 years’ structural warranty.
  • All power and water connection and usage costs will be reimbursed to you at completion of your home.